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We operate under the umbrella of TGD (Technology for Global Development), a trusted organization within the Eindhoven University of Technology. Our aim is to connect promising students with academical supervisors through engaging and meaningful technological projects in the developing world.

Our mission

The challenges our world currently faces are massive. But at the same time, we have an unprecedented opportunity at hand to tackle global issues in an unprecedented way. Development of technology has so far brought undeniable and huge advances. Now is the time to grasp the opportunity and exploit these advances in new ways. Technology has made the world a better place by bringing about impactful societal changes. Our children no longer die of measles, less people live in extreme poverty and we are constantly connected to each other and to the enormous body of knowledge that our species has


We are constantly looking for students to work challenging projects for a sustainable world


Open Projects

You love engineering challenges with a social aspect as much as we do? You have a great idea? Let us know! Alternatively, check out our current projects and join our team!

The Rural Housing Brick (RHB)

The rural housing brick is a new experiment in the framework of the rural housing studio, a studio dedicated to help underprivileged rural families in developing countries. The targeted communities know what type of housing they would like to live in, however, they are unable to design and engineer them without external help. Regular development aid offers ready built solutions without involving the inhabitants and their communities into the process. The rural housing studio offers internship (BSc) and graduation positions (BSc & MSc) to students, who will advise and inform rural families to build their desired housing together with their

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Development projects in cooperation with Engineers Without Borders

Multiple projects are available in collaboration with the Dutch branch of the Engineers Without Borders. EWB is a non-profit organisation, working with locals in the global south on technical challenges. EWB is always looking for bright, innovative minds to help with the development of sustainable solutions.

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Sustainable heating for a town

The heating of Drobeta Turnu Severin (town in Romania) has until recently been provided as a byproduct of the cooling system for the largest factory in town. Together with the bankruptcy of this factory, the heating of the city went into question. The city is not connected to a natural gas system yet, but the central heating platform still exists. However, it now uses an unsustainable, expensive and inefficient fuel, i.e., heavy-fuel oil (HFO). The mayor of the city is driven to invest in a solution to the problem. The preferred approach is to pursue a sustainable solution. Available technologies

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Development of a robust air pollution monitoring system

The quality of air is becoming a challenge for metropolitans in developing as well as developed countries. Cities like Delhi and Lahore consistently have problems with smog and pollution. Monitoring the pollution is the first step towards tackling the problem.   For this a  sustainable data acquisition infrastructure is required. Sustainability is expressed here in terms of robust, low cost equipment with low energy consumption and low, or no bandwidth requirements.. The design choices that will be made must enable the system to perform in harsh (humid, hot, etc.) environments and allow for easy maintenance.

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Waste monitoring and management

For resource limited cities, garbage collection is a challenge. People with less social interest or without an alternative,  may simply dump their garbage at public places. Even if designated garbage disposal sites are available, the city authorities may need to prioritize garbage collection. For this prioritization, a monitoring and management solution is required. Images below are examples of how waste is present at public places and how city authorities perform collection.

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Call for projects

Are you a NGO, entrepreneur, organisation or government of/in a developing country? Pitch us our project!



Find out which projects have already been performed by students under the TGD umbrella in the past by hovering over the pictures below.

Towards sustainable African cotton production

Ariane Biemond, thesis, Ethiopia Towards sustainable African cotton production With public commitments to solely source...

Minimizing failure in rural energy projects

Eric Gold, internship and thesis, Nepal Minimizing failure in rural energy projects It is clear...

Socio-technical evaluation of solar home systems

Iliana Lykissa, thesis, Uganda Socio-technical evaluation of solar home systems Ιn Uganda, 33 million people...

Corpeorate-NGO Alliances: Guidelines for practice

Sven Koster, thesis, Ghana Corpeorate-NGO Alliances: Guidelines for practice The rise of corporate social responsibility...

Evaluation of a rural electrification project

Hasna Affifah, thesis, Indonesia Evaluation of a rural electrification project This research evaluates a state-sponsored...

Water conflict in a water-scarce region

Peter Kuin, thesis, Kenya Water conflict in a water-scarce region In major parts of the...

NGO programmes for biogas and solar energy

Husni Mubarok, internship, Indonesia NGO programmes for biogas and solar energy HIVOS is a Dutch...

Closed-loop sanitation for urban slums

Mara van Welie, thesis, Kenya Closed-loop sanitation for urban slums Sewarage System in a slum...

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Our team consists of a network of researchers, students, organizations and, above all, people. Meet our team of five that manage our daily activities:

Ir. Ivana Abramovic
Project management & PR

Ivana likes a challenge and has always been fascinated by the question of energy production. This combination led her straight into the field of nuclear fusion in which she currently pursues a Ph.D. From a desire to work on projects with an immediate impact on society, she proposed the formation of TGD Solutions. She is committed to tackling the technological problems of the developing World.

Ir. Ivana Abramovic
Dr. Ir. Toon Weyens
Fundraising & Management

Toon has always been passionate about technology, as well as the implications it has on society. After having studied energy engineering he directed his career towards nuclear fusion research for energy production, leading to a doctoral degree. Besides from being a member of the TGD Solutions team, he also pursues his research at the ITER facility, where the world’s largest, multi-billion USD nuclear fusion reactor is being built.

Dr. Ir. Toon Weyens
Ir. Maximilian Messmer
Fundraising & Management

Ph.D student in Nuclear fusion and a big believer that technology is an essential part in the transition towards a sustainable society. I’m always interested in cool and crazy ideas and projects – just visit me in my office or send me an email!

Ir. Maximilian Messmer
Dr. Ir. Ruxandra Bobiti
Project Acq. & Management

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Dr. Ir. Ruxandra Bobiti
Dr. Ir. Umar Waqas
Project Acq. & Management

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Dr. Ir. Umar Waqas

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